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Antoine Banville - Drums 

Maciek Pysz - Guitar

Alex Stuart - Guitar

It was Alex Stuart who first imagined this band as a result of an empathic meeting with new friends Maciek Pysz and Antoine Banville. Three hours of uninterrupted music flowed effortlessly, where even the transitions between songs seemed obvious!  A logic arose from this meeting that the group’s musical repertoire would consist of shared improvisations as well as the compositions of each member.

A.Banville/M.Pysz/A.Stuart distinguishes itself by its chosen direction of improvisation, built on underlying structures coming from their diverse and eclectic influences that give the improvisations a feeling of prepared compositions. The result is spontaneous music that feels natural and unforced.

For Alex, Maciek and Antoine, improvisation is an invitation to dream, a process based on sharing and responding to the instant communication between musicians. Each concert is therefore an opportunity to open new doors. These musical accomplices don’t just satisfy themselves with playing what their immediate musical instincts dictate but keep their minds open to new possibilities. This Trio is an invitation to open oneself to a rainbow of sensations through the prism of music, their music!

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