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"Maciek Pysz is an impressive guitarist!"

Ian Maund (April 2020, Sandy Brown Jazz)

"The lyrical guitar of Maciek Pysz once again adds another dimension" 

Sammy Stein (March 2020, Jazzviews) 

"Pysz is an established star in his own right, and alternates here not only between accompaniment and dueling lead but also between electric and acoustic as the mood changes, with plenty here for the guitar aficionado." 

Chris K (March 2020, Bebop Spoken Here) 

"There is some beautiful stuff here – a must for jazz guitar fans" **** Stephen Graham (Marlbank) 


"The crisp balance of sound and space in this recording is's great to witness the development of Maciek Pysz's own musical personality" 

Adrian Pallant (London Jazz News / AP Reviews)


"Pysz is a quiet virtuoso who has developed into one of the most distinctive guitarists around" ****

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)

"The Intro is an improvised section from Maciek Pysz on guitar and demonstrates why, for many people, Maciek is a key player of our time.  This captures both the delicate touch which Maciek has and also the emotive, crystal clear style of his playing"

Sammy Stein (Jazz in Europe, September 2017)


"With 'A Journey' Maciek Pysz has produced an album deserving of the highest praise. Highly recommended"

Peter McLaren (Jazz in Europe)

"However impressive his technique may be, it is certainly not 'showy' – everything is at the service of creative expression"

John Watson (London Jazz News, March 2017)

"Album gitarzysty Macieja Pysza zawiera doskonalą dawkę pogodnego world-jazzu rozbudowanego o wspaniałą wirtuozerię lidera oraz zaproszonych gości"

Dionizy Piatkowski (Era Jazzu, June 2017) 

"La virtuosité du polonais Maciek Pysz à la guitare n'est plus à démontrer" (Nice Matin)


"One of the most melodic and innovative guitarists I've heard for many a year...all compositions are as melodic and harmonically satisfying as his solos"

Lance Liddle (Bepop Spoken Here) 


"This album is truly a great listen as it manages to effortlessly combine mesmerising compositions with the energy and drive of a group of great musicians"

Mike Sims (Radio Cardiff's Jazz Breakfast)


"There is no doubt that this is an amazing album, full of musical beauty, aesthetic pleasure and extraordinary musicianship"

Adam Baruch (The Soundtrack Of My Life)


"This impressive album is indeed a most pleasurable journey"

Matthias Kirsch (Gina Loves Jazz) 


"The Polish acoustic/classical guitarist draws from the world of Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny in a fine sounding quartet recording"

Jazzwise Magazine (Feb 2016) 


"Elegante lavoro del chitarrista polacco Maciek Pysz"

Sergio Spada (Jazz Convention) 


"It’s a classy collection with the theme of journeying"

Peter Bacon (The Jazz Breakfast)


"...increasingly Pysz is finding his own individual descriptive harmonic colours, and is with the right colleagues to explore them further"

Sebastian Scotney (London Jazz )


"From the start it was obvious that this was going to be something special...Pysz had the audience enthralled"

Lance Liddle (Bepop Spoke Here)


"The clarity is not just clarity of sound, but clarity of emotion, and that is why I love this album so much"

Mary James (Only Jazz) 


"If antidote were needed for saxophone & trumpet-based jazz, then the refreshingly clean, quicksilver beauty of Maciek Pysz's guitar trio comes to mind. This young Polish guitarist plays folk & classical instruments with an almost austere, pure, clarity reminiscent of early Metheny and Ralph Towner, with deft bass and drums accompaniment. Delightful"

David Ellingham (Local Secrest, Nov 2015)


"Pysz continues the path already established on his debut album, which presents him as a superb composer and a virtuoso guitar player"

Adam Baruch (Polish Jazz Blogspot) 


"Guitarist Maciek Pysz’s “Insight” is a gorgeous revelation of an album. Supported by the always inventive playing of noted drummer Asaf Sirkis and bassist Yuri Goloubev, Pysz’s acoustic lines may be perfect, pure and smoothly played, but their intent is too powerful to be anything close to being smooth jazz. Thank God. There is guitar wizardry on display here, and drum and bass wizardry too, but it is all in service to Pysz’s enthralling compositions"

Walter Kolosky (Author of the books Power, Passion and Beauty and Follow Your Heart - John McLaughlin song by song)


"...extraordinary in every sense. Wholeheartedly recommended!****"

Adam Baruch (Polish Jazz Blogspot/The Soundtrack Of My Life)


"Pysz's highly melodic writing and well delineated and unhurried playing style make for a highly satisfying and often beautiful album ****"

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)


"....some of the freshest musical ideas and world wide musical influences..."  

Al Ryan (London Jazz News)


"...Pysz ha un fraseggio accurato, ricco de idee e tecnicamente impeccabile." 

(Musica Jazz) 


"Elegant exploration of nylon-string guitar, fusing jazz chops with Joni-style arrangements"

(Guitarist Magazine)


"...gorgeous sound...highly recommended"

Mary James (OnlyJazzBlog)


"...played with sensitivity and conviction...recalls recent work by Al Di Meola" (JazzWise Magazine)


"...a completely unique musical identity"

Adam Baruch (Polish Jazz Blogspot/The Soundtrack Of My Life)


"Pysz's lead lines are forceful and upbeat, his rhythm playing full-toned"

Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz)


"The guitarist is a virtuoso" Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)












"Over numerous projects, Maciek Pysz’s accomplished acoustic styles have been prevalent, but his sustained electric guitar textures (at times, Frisellian) add much to this album’s impressionism"

Adrian Pallant (March 2020, London Jazz News) 


"There’s also an excellent solo from Pysz, one that makes brief allusions to the music of Towner."

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann, March 2020)

"INSIGHT is an album that readily conjures images of warm, sun-kissed landscapes"

Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz)


"4*" Konrad Zywiecki (Jazz Forum, March 2016)

"A Journey" Review Russell Corbett (The Jazz Rag, October 2017)

"Coming Home is a stunningly beautiful album that very nearly got my vote for best of the year. A triumph of understatement and restraint." 

Peter Jones (London Jazz News, Dec 2017) 

"The openness of the textures and clarity of the notes is inspirational"

Sammy Stein (Something Else Reviews, June 2017)

"A Journey represents a significant step forward for Maciek Pysz" **** Matthew Ruddick (Kind Of Jazz) 


"A Journey really lives up to its title: it travels both with style and class – as much as music can. 4* "

Depo Olukotun (CEEL)


" really can feel warmth and delight in the music. That makes it specially rewarding and gives this album a very good vibe indeed" Peter Bacon (The Jazz Breakfast)


"...there’s no glossy production but there is real musicianship as in the quality of the guitar solo on 'Moody Leaf'. Even Pat Metheny would be proud of this one"

Stephen Graham (Marlbank)


"...the incredible Polish guitar player Maciek Pysz"

Mike Chadwick (JazzFM, Soul and Jazz Radio)

"There's magic at work when music repeatedly invites you back to delve more deeply into its subtle nuances; something sensed particularly strongly in London Stories – an intimate, acoustic sound world created by guitarists Maciek Pysz and Gianluca Corona. 

Adrian Pallant (AP Reviews, August 2017)

"...un cd garbato, gradevole, di facile ascolto, quindi, ma tutt'altro che banale" 

Gianni Montano (JazzItalia)

"Pysz and his quartet brought musical sunshine to Shrewsbury on the bitterest and rawest of winter days" 4*

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann, February 2017)

"A Joruney" Review Alexander Schmitz (Jazz Podium, June 2017)


"Pysz most certainly has 'delivered' with Insight as an album as well as on his gorgeous playing"

Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"It is a long time since I have heard guitar-playing with quite so much precision, assuredness and musicality"

Adrian Pallant (AP Reviews)


"I've been blown away by this album!!!...The album is a weave of impassioned and impeccable improvisatory inventions!!...In a nutshell, "Outstanding!" 

Richard Saunders (RTRFm Australia)


"...a major new presence on the jazz guitar scene"      

Stephen Graham (Marlbank)


"...really well produced and beautifully performed album – a must have for the summer"

Al Ryan (London Jazz News)


"Pysz's acoustic guitar is as outstanding as his classical guitar" Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"This was music prepared for those of us who could open the gates of our conscious minds and let the music flood in" 

Alban Low (Art Of Jazz Blog)


"Breathtaking skills, conjuring the most delicate sounds out of steel and nylon"

Mary James (OnlyJazzBlog)


"Insight Album Review" Marcin Pulawski (Laboratorium Muzyczych Fuzji)


"Insight Album Review" by Presso Ventanilla 


"Acoustic guitar/Percussion/Bass-led world roots and modern jazz sounds from this EST/Avishai Cohen-sounding trio...Recommended!"  (Time Out Magazine London)


"Incredibly talented young guitarist"

Tomasz Furmanek (Jazz Forum)


"Maciek...shows in his playing an unusual combination of passion and virtuosity which easily grabs the audience" (Nowy Czas)


"Mesmerising, magical music!" (Torfaen Jazz Club)


"Outstanding accomplished jazz guitarist with a unique sound" (The Ritzy)


"...combination of enormous talent, virtuosity and passion as well as a deep sensitivity"

Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"He plays everything like he means it and plays with an impressive nimble precision and awareness of the whole sonic picture" Phil Wain ( reviewer)


"An excellent jazz guitarist with outstanding curriculum of concerts and recordings" (Jazz Cafe POSK)


"Maciek Pysz has wowed the crowds at almost every Jazz venue that matters in London. This group takes the smooth tones of European jazz and sprinkles on a touch of latin spice!" (Spoonfed)


"The real talents here are undoubtedly Pysz, with his often-mesmerising technical control and acute musical sensitivity" James Savage-Hanford


"Pysz most certainly has 'delivered' with Insight as an album as well as on his gorgeous playing"

Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"Maciek Pysz trio going down a storm! Jazzy, improvisational and fresh!" Vivacity Arts


"Your tone is beautiful and there is some real sensitivity in your music which is what the world needs"

Kai Eckhardt (bass player: John McLaughlin, Steve Smith)


"Maciek’s compositions stay with you after listening and the trio play with great sensitivity and brilliant use of dynamics. The studio sound of this recording is pristine and worth hearing purely for the sound – but the music rewards the listener far beyond that"

Phil Wain


"Insight Album Review" Romualdo Del Noce (Jazz Convention)


"Insight Album Review" Slawek Orwat (Jazz Press) 


"Insight Albym Review"






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