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"Guitarist Maciek Pysz’s “Insight” is a gorgeous revelation of an album. Supported by the always inventive playing of noted drummer Asaf Sirkis and bassist Yuri Goloubev, Pysz’s acoustic lines may be perfect, pure and smoothly played, but their intent is too powerful to be anything close to being smooth jazz. Thank God. There is guitar wizardry on display here, and drum and bass wizardry too, but it is all in service to Pysz’s enthralling compositions"

Walter Kolosky (Author of the books Power, Passion and Beauty and Follow Your Heart - John McLaughlin song by song)


"...extraordinary in every sense. Wholeheartedly recommended!****"

Adam Baruch (Polish Jazz Blogspot/The Soundtrack Of My Life)


"Pysz's highly melodic writing and well delineated and unhurried playing style make for a highly satisfying and often beautiful album ****"

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)


"....some of the freshest musical ideas and world wide musical influences..."  

Al Ryan (London Jazz News)


"...Pysz ha un fraseggio accurato, ricco de idee e tecnicamente impeccabile." 

(Musica Jazz) 


"Elegant exploration of nylon-string guitar, fusing jazz chops with Joni-style arrangements"

(Guitarist Magazine)


"...gorgeous sound...highly recommended"

Mary James (OnlyJazzBlog)


"...played with sensitivity and conviction...recalls recent work by Al Di Meola" (JazzWise Magazine)


"...a completely unique musical identity"

Adam Baruch (Polish Jazz Blogspot/The Soundtrack Of My Life)


"Pysz's lead lines are forceful and upbeat, his rhythm playing full-toned"

Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz)


"The guitarist is a virtuoso" Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann)


"Insight Album Review" Romualdo Del Noce (Jazz Convention)


"Insight Album Review" Slawek Orwat (Jazz Press) 


"Insight Albym Review"


"Pysz most certainly has 'delivered' with Insight as an album as well as on his gorgeous playing"

Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)




"INSIGHT is an album that readily conjures images of warm, sun-kissed landscapes"

Bruce Lindsay (All About Jazz)


" really can feel warmth and delight in the music. That makes it specially rewarding and gives this album a very good vibe indeed" Peter Bacon (The Jazz Breakfast)


"...there’s no glossy production but there is real musicianship as in the quality of the guitar solo on 'Moody Leaf'. Even Pat Metheny would be proud of this one"

Stephen Graham (Marlbank)


"...the incredible Polish guitar player Maciek Pysz"

Mike Chadwick (JazzFM, Soul and Jazz Radio)


"...un cd garbato, gradevole, di facile ascolto, quindi, ma tutt'altro che banale" 

Gianni Montano (JazzItalia)


"Pysz most certainly has 'delivered' with Insight as an album as well as on his gorgeous playing"

Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"It is a long time since I have heard guitar-playing with quite so much precision, assuredness and musicality"

Adrian Pallant (AP Reviews)


"I've been blown away by this album!!!...The album is a weave of impassioned and impeccable improvisatory inventions!!...In a nutshell, "Outstanding!" 

Richard Saunders (RTRFm Australia)


"...a major new presence on the jazz guitar scene"      

Stephen Graham (Marlbank)


"...really well produced and beautifully performed album – a must have for the summer"

Al Ryan (London Jazz News)


"Pysz's acoustic guitar is as outstanding as his classical guitar" Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"Insight Album Review" Marcin Pulawski (Laboratorium Muzyczych Fuzji)


"Insight Album Review" by Presso Ventanilla 


"...combination of enormous talent, virtuosity and passion as well as a deep sensitivity"

Rich Rainlore (Rainlore's World Of Music)


"Maciek’s compositions stay with you after listening and the trio play with great sensitivity and brilliant use of dynamics. The studio sound of this recording is pristine and worth hearing purely for the sound – but the music rewards the listener far beyond that"

Phil Wain






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