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"Once more the piece revealed Pysz’s skills as a writer, he is a consistently excellent composer, whose works all possess a strong melodic, and even cinematic, quality."

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann, August 2019) 

"However impressive his technique may be, it is certainly not 'showy' – everything is at the service of creative expression"

John Watson (London Jazz News, March 2017)

"Three unscripted, immersive pieces, across a full hour... This trio’s improvisations evolve both organically and patiently, their emotional reach potentially quite powerful..."

Adrian Pallant (London Jazz News, August 2017)

"...subtly dynamic, ambient tone poems..."

Selwyn Harris (JazzWise Magazine, August 2017)


"If antidote were needed for saxophone & trumpet-based jazz, then the refreshingly clean, quicksilver beauty of Maciek Pysz's guitar trio comes to mind. This young Polish guitarist plays folk & classical instruments with an almost austere, pure, clarity reminiscent of early Metheny and Ralph Towner, with deft bass and drums accompaniment. Delightful"

David Ellingham (Local Secrest, Nov 2015)

"...increasingly Pysz is finding his own individual descriptive harmonic colours, and is with the right colleagues to explore them further"

Sebastian Scotney (London Jazz News, Nov 2015)


"From the start it was obvious that this was going to be something special...Pysz had the audience enthralled"

Lance Liddle (Bepop Spoke Here, Nov 2015)


Oxford Gig Review by Mary James (Nov 2015)


Oxford Gig Review by NDaisley (Nov 2015)


"Il 'Viaggio' del Maciek Pysz Trio" by Alceste Ayroldi (Sept 2015)


"This was music prepared for those of us who could open the gates of our conscious minds and let the music flood in" 

Alban Low (Art Of Jazz Blog)


"Breathtaking skills, conjuring the most delicate sounds out of steel and nylon"

Mary James (OnlyJazzBlog)


"Acoustic guitar/Percussion/Bass-led world roots and modern jazz sounds from this EST/Avishai Cohen-sounding trio...Recommended!"  (Time Out Magazine London)


"Incredibly talented young guitarist"

Tomasz Furmanek (Jazz Forum)


"Maciek...shows in his playing an unusual combination of passion and virtuosity which easily grabs the audience" (Nowy Czas)


"Mesmerising, magical music!" (Torfaen Jazz Club)


"Outstanding accomplished jazz guitarist with a unique sound" (The Ritzy)

Review of duo concert with Richard Galliano at Palm Jazz Festival in Gliwice, Poland (Polish, Nowiny Gliwickie, October 2020)

Review of duo concert with Richard Galliano at Palm Jazz Festival in Gliwice, Poland (Polish, Donos Kulturalny, October 2020)

"Pysz and his quartet brought musical sunshine to Shrewsbury on the bitterest and rawest of winter days" 4*

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann, February 2017)

"The duo of Maciek Pysz and Daniele di Bonaventura provided us with perfect miniatures of concentrated emotion, a state of happy melancholy" 

Mary James (The Jazz Breakfast, November 2016)

"An excellent showing from Neame and Pysz, and I'm certain that their already impressive rapport will continue to develop"

Ian Mann (The Jazz Mann, September 2016) 


"A Journey really lives up to its title: it travels both with style and class – as much as music can. 4* "

Depo Olukotun (CEEL, February 2016) 


"As a jazz club venue owner I have to say that Maciek Pysz Trio has to be one of the most creative and well-crafted jazz performances we have seen this year. The quality of the live performance and ‘Journey’ album has become the most desired by us and our jazz audiences. I would truly recommend any venue to house this amazing trio as talent is abound with excel; lent compositions.”

Andrw Knutt (CICCIC Taunton, Nov 2015) 


"Maciek Pysz trio going down a storm! Jazzy, improvisational and fresh!" Vivacity Arts


"Your tone is beautiful and there is some real sensitivity in your music which is what the world needs"

Kai Eckhardt (bass player: John McLaughlin, Steve Smith)


"Maciek Pysz has wowed the crowds at almost every Jazz venue that matters in London. This group takes the smooth tones of European jazz and sprinkles on a touch of latin spice!" (Spoonfed)


"The real talents here are undoubtedly Pysz, with his often-mesmerising technical control and acute musical sensitivity" James Savage-Hanford


"He plays everything like he means it and plays with an impressive nimble precision and awareness of the whole sonic picture" Phil Wain ( reviewer)


"An excellent jazz guitarist with outstanding curriculum of concerts and recordings" (Jazz Cafe POSK)

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