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Interview with Ian Maund for Sandy Brown Jazz (English, April 2020)

Interview with Laurie Bailey on BBC Oxford (English, May 2019)

Interview with Radio Cosmo RBB Berlin (Polish/English, March 2019)

Interview/Feature with London Jazz News (English, April 2018)

Interview with Cooltura 24 in London (Polish, January 2018)

Interview with Art District Radio in Paris (English, December 2017)

Interview and live track with Maciek Pysz and Julian Costello at JAZZ FM's The Blueprint with Chris Philips (English, October 2017)

Maciek Pysz and Daniele di Bonaventura Interview with Kamil Rubik at Palm Jazz Festival (October 2016) ENGLISH | POLISH


Interview with Radio Star UK (Polish, November 2016)

Listen to Maciek chatting to Nigel J Farmer from Jazz in Europe (English, June 2016) 










Listen to Maciek being interviewed on Radio Cardiff's Jazz Breakfast (English, November 2015)

Q & A with THE FORGE (English, May 2014) 

Podcast with London Jazz News (English, February 2014)

Interview with JAZZ PRESS Page 99 (Polish, November 2012)













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