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Maciek Pysz - Guitar

Laurent Derache - Accordion

Yuri Goloubev - Double Bass

Antoine Banville - Drums

After many successful projects, working with various musicians and instrumentation combinations, a concert during a jazz festival in Poland brought together this new exciting band. It’s the Maciek Pysz New Quartet. It’s new because the lineup is new, the energy is new and the music is new. The instrumentation of dreamy accordion combined with lyrical double bass, drums and percussion is the one that gives the music the right sound, the one that Maciek has always heard in his head. 

Having worked with Yuri Goloubev for almost ten years, it was an obvious choice to call on this double bass maestro whose playing is second to none and who can express the intricacies in Maciek’s music.

Laurent Derache, a young lion of the accordion from Paris, was a member of Maciek’s Paris Quartet and his musicality and skills on the instrument provide an amazing means of expression for the compositions. 

Antoine Banville, a band-mate from the Paris-based trio Banville/Pysz/Stuart is not new to Maciek’s music but in this combination he rediscovers it through the interplay with the double bass and brings his percussive and world music colours to the sound. 

The band is touring in 2018 and plans to record in early 2019.

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